Thank God and Mr. Heimlich

Stu & Nina

Well it finally happened.
I was out to breakfast with my friend Stu.
I was in the middle of saying something really important when I look up at him and he's looking fearful and panicked. His eyes are watering and drool is coming out of his mouth. He's pointing to his throat and trying to get me to read his lips(which I'm not very good at) saying "I'm choking."
Now Stu is a kidder. He's always trying to pull one on me. But what he was doing didn't look too funny. He starts motioning to his stomach like he needs the Heimlich maneuver. So we both jump up right there in the restaurant and I'm trying to do the Heimlich. Well obviously from the way we looked I don't know how to do it very well. All I was thinking was I don't want to break his ribs. I had him completely off the floor several times, like in my old wrestling days. To no avail. He was still choking.
I noticed one of the booths had a round backing that would be perfect for the next variation of the Heimlich. I lean him over that and apply pressure on his back twice. Out pops a pretty good sized half of a strawberry.
Stu with his first breath apologizes to the other customers in the restaurant but they all started applauding.
We both sat back down to our meal. Adrenaline pumping. Looking at each other in awe and wonder about the course of events over the last minute and a half.
God is faithful.
Stu says, "Hey I owe you my life."
I said, "Yours has already been purchased."
God loves Stu and has been doing awesome things in his life.
We got together so he could share those things. They are amazing.
Maybe you should ask him about them sometime.
But wait till he's done with his meal.