Your Word

Hey Friends,
I love the Word of God. 
It helps me so much. 
Here's an entry from my journal about that.

Lord, Your Word
cleanses me
trims me clean
hones me
builds me up
holds me together
guides me
instructs me
encourages me
fills me
reveals the truth to me
reveals You to me
gives me faith
makes me knowledgeable, wise & understanding
Your Word gives health to my body
and nourishment to my bones

Your Word is 
Jesus the Logos (John 1)
Your Word is
 the Holy Spirit the Rhema (Eph. 6)

Your Word is exalted above your name
It gives me all the instruction and promises I need 
to live a glorious, productive and victorious life. 
Thank You Lord, for your Word!

God bless you my friends,