Vision Is A Gift From God

Hey Friends,
I found this word the Lord spoke to me a few years before I became a pastor, I thought it might help you today:

Vision is a gift from God.
It becomes an authority that you submit to.

At this time submit to the vision of those in authority over you.
At the proper time you will be assigned a vision. You will be the bearer, the steward of that vision. But for now be a steward of the vision I have given to those in authority over you.

Your faithfulness will prove your trustworthiness.
When you are faithful it proves to me safety for my vision that I will impart.

When you hand your baby to someone they must be trustworthy or you will not release care of your baby, even for a moment for them to hold it. So it is with you; I will not release care of my vision to you until I see your maturity; until I see you caring for what I've assigned you for now.

I hope that word helped you, it did me.
God bless you Friends,