Elevate The Good, It Overcomes The Darkness

Hey Friends,

Here's a quote from my journal:

If we give birth to godly visions
and maintain them with godly life and wisdom
the coming darkness will not overcome.

Friends, if God has given you something to do; do it! Being normal and going with the flow is not going to help or save anybody. If God has given you a vision then you need to step out of line. You'll become abnormal, you'll stick out. But if you don't then the answer  you'd bring to help others won't come.

I love what my pastor, Bill Winston, says, 

"The reason so many people are dying in this world 
is because others have not come into 
their full potential."

My Friend,
What light are you supposed to bring so others don't perish in the darkness?
I'm supposed to bring forth Jesus, His character, His love.

God bless you today.