Don't Wait To Get HELP!

Hey Friends,

I hope all is well with you. God's been doing some awesome, wonderful and kind things in our lives.

I was thinking about writing you all and this title popped into my mind:
Don't Wait To Get Help!

I've seen this happen over and over again. People need help or are in trouble and they have a thought about who they ought to call or write to ask for help. But then they disqualify that idea. They come up with some(lame)reason as to why they shouldn't make the call.

I love to help people. I honestly believe most people like to help others. It actually makes me happy when someone calls me asking for help. (So hopefully that eliminates one excuse for you.)

When someone avoids reaching out for help it doesn't change the need they have. If the load was light enough for you to carry you wouldn't have been thinking about getting help.

Nancy & I have seven kids, all living at home. We run our church out of the home which could make it busy enough, but our three oldest children each have their own businesses being run out of the home here. Nancy also works on Wednesday mornings as a nurse, is the international prayer ministry coordinator for a large ministry and teaches a class at Living Word's Bible Training Center on Monday nights.
And we were trying to do all this without help around the house.
So just before it about wiped us out...

We called for help.

A young lady from the church will be coming tomorrow to help with the cooking, cleaning and laundry.


Who are you supposed to call now?

Love ya