A Prayer For You

Hey Friends,

Sitting back thinking about what to write and this phrase comes to me:
A Prayer For You.

So maybe you need prayer right now?

Let's do it.

Father, I pray for my friend who's reading this right now. Lord, I ask you to reach down into their heart and get ahold of them in a way that's really meaningful to them. Just like when they were a kid and they used to think about you and wonder about you and talk to you.

Lord, I ask you to speak to them, introduce your voice to them like you have to me. Make yourself real to them and get ahold of their heart so they won't wander anymore. Lord, if they're hurting I ask you to lift the pain, so much so that they wonder where it went.

Let them know you love them. Speak to them when they see things that you did, just say to them, "That's Me." So they know that it was you who did those things and You who speak to them.

Lord, I want my friend to love you, like I love you. Help them Lord. Bring them some godly friends. Help them to read your word and discover you there. Fill them with your Holy Spirit and help them to live their lives for you.

Lord, I love you and I love my friends, I want them to be with us when we spend eternity together.

I love you Lord.
In Jesus' Name